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Commemorative #34strong Armbands to Honour Kyle B

Starting at the 2024 Alberta Provincial Dodgeball Championships on Saturday, March 16th, players who would like to honour Kyle B's memory can purchase a commemorative armband that reads #34strong in green that was on the jersey of his provincial team, Mint. All proceeds from the sale of the bands will go to Kyle's family.

Two generous donors have covered the fees to produce the armbands, with one who is also matching the sales as an additional donation. There are 50 bands for sale at $15 each. Those who would like to purchase as well as donate additionally are welcome to do so. Purchases and donations can be made with cash or e-transfer on Saturday. No pre-orders will be accepted. Subsequent orders may be made if the bands sell out.

A huge thank you to VC Ultimate who were able to turnaround this order in record time and were so helpful in making this happen.

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