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Dodge IN School

Dodgeball Canada's Dodge IN School program was developed under their Sport and Player Development portfolio in an effort to grow dodgeball at a grassroots level in Canadian schools. Since 2017, DC has completed 11 Dodge IN School workshops and worked with over 2,500 students. 

Often in schools, dodgeball is taught as a game rather than a sport, since many Canadians don’t know about the higher level of dodgeball that is actively growing and being played beyond the four walls of the school gym.

The program is tailored and caters to elementary and secondary schools in Canada. The program’s main objective is to educate Canadian students and staff about the sport of dodgeball through a fun, collaborative, active and hands-on program. Ultimately, the goal is to provide students with a unique opportunity to learn more about the growing sport of dodgeball and to consider it as a healthy alternative or compliment to their fitness/extra-curricular regime.

The Dodge IN School program is designed to:

  • Promote inclusiveness

  • Foster and build teamwork

  • Teach the general understanding of competitive dodgeball

  • Develop youth at a local level

  • Educate students about dodgeball opportunities within their own community

  • Promote and provide resources for schools to further develop an internal/external dodgeball program




The approach to facilitating our Dodge IN School program can be simply broken down into the following pillars:

  1. Educate students about the sport of dodgeball through information lessons and discussions with coaches and players

  2. Provide hands on experience for students to learn and develop their skills through drills, exercises and scrimmages

  3. Connect students with dodgeball mentors who have experience playing dodgeball at a high level in Canada or on an international stage

For more information about the Dodge IN Schools program, please contact

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