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National Dodgeball Officials Certificate Program

General Information 

Program Name: National Foam Dodgeball Officials Certification Program 

Course Design 

​Levels 1 to 4 have been designed and developed by Dodgeball Canada. Level 5 is the WDBF international certification. At each successive level, officials are expected to learn and demonstrate additional skills and a higher level of competency. 


The courses for levels 1 to 4 shall be provided by a representative of Dodgeball Canada within each province.

Course Administration 

​The instructor will be a qualified educator/evaluator approved by Dodgeball Canada.


​The candidate must successfully achieve the learning outcomes of each module as assessed by the Dodgeball Canada national exam and on-court observation according to the standard required at each level. 

Reference Material 

​Reference material will include, but not be limited to, course notes, rulebooks, casebooks, mechanics books, PowerPoint presentations and selected and/or developed videos. Details of specific course content and required learning outcomes are in the course description for each level. 


To certify you must be:

  1. At least 16 years of age;

  2. Relatively fit (long periods of standing required);

  3. Registered as a member of Dodgeball Canada  (free for 2022); 

    • ​For members interested in maintaining a valid Dodgeball Canada Officials status and be given the opportunity to officiate at DC and PSO sanctioned events you will need to renew your membership yearly. There will be a nominal charge each year to be a member of DC. 

Learning Objectives

Level 1

Rule Knowledge

The first level of the National Foam Dodgeball Officials Program tests your basic understanding of the rules. This self-taught level allows an individual the opportunity to read the rule book at their leisure followed by taking the online test (multiple attempts allowed).

Cost: Free*

*Must be registered as a member of Dodgeball Canada

Level 2

Rule Knowledge,

Officiating Mechanics, and

On-Court Assessment

Level 2 will consist of training spent in-class and on-court to teach various rule nuances, mechanics, and on-court assessments.

Cost: TBD

Level 3

Rule Knowledge,

Officiating Mechanics, and

On-Court Assessment

Level 3 will be a 2-day session including in-class learning and on-court assessment that will further build an individual’s level of leadership, confidence and teamwork.

Cost: TBD

Level 4

On-Court Assessments

Level 4 will be strictly an on-court assessment during the Dodgeball Canada Nationals Tournament. Based on their performance they will be graded by their Provincial Chief Official and representatives from Dodgeball Canada. The PCO and DC will then select officials to represent Canada at the World Dodgeball Championships.

Cost: TBD

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