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Alberta Represents Well on Team Canada Squads!

The Team Canada squads were announced on Dodgeball Canada's social media yesterday with 18 Alberta players on 5 of the 6 teams. The push to the 2024 World Dodgeball Championships in August in Graz, Austria will see our selected Albertan players training in their hometowns, as well as attending training camps across Canada and participating in practice tournaments, including the North American Championships in Houston in December.

"With this announcement, it not only demonstrates the strength of the dodgeball talent in Alberta, it also shows the diversity and adaptability of players on both cloth and foam squads," says Dodgeball Alberta President Erica Spitzmacher. "We are excited to see where the next year takes the Alberta dodgeball community as the athletes train and bring back experiences."

Congratulations to the following athletes for making the various squads:

- Alex Chiang (Men's Foam)

- Betty Mak (Women's Foam)

- Cassie Rewucki (Women's Cloth)

- Cody Foley (Men's Foam)

- Daniel La-Lac (Men's Foam)

- Desirae Goyette (Women's Cloth)

- Doreen Voon (Mixed Cloth)

- Dwayne Hoppenbrouwers (Men's Cloth)

- Erica Spitzmacher (Women's Cloth)

- Jessica Jeffreys (Women's Cloth)

- Maxime Cloutier (Men's Foam)

- Megan McCaffrey (Women's Cloth)

- Melissa Phavone (Women's Cloth)

- Shawn Chiem (Men's Foam)

- Shree Harrington (Mixed Cloth)

- Vanessa Huynh (Women's Foam)

- Xaysana Phavone (Men's Cloth)

- Yvonne Sher (Women's Foam)

Stay tuned for the announcement of activated players for the North American Championships in early December.

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