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Team Biography:

The saga of Supernova began in 2021, a blend of old-school rubber dodgeball die-hards who refused to hang up their court shoes and a crew of energetic young bucks from other leagues, capable of dodgeball feats that seemed downright otherworldly. It was like mixing the wisdom of the past with the boundless energy of the future – and Supernova was born.

This eclectic squad not only defied the laws of dodgeball physics but also grew together like a constellation in the night sky. On and off the court, our chemistry reached celestial levels, and with each passing hangout session, we found ourselves becoming more hilariously unhinged. Dodging balls turned into dodging responsibilities – in the most entertaining way possible!

Our team's laughter echoed through training sessions and games alike, creating a unique blend of dodgeball finesse and comedic chaos. Our journey is not just about championships; it's about the bonds forged through the shared love of dodgeball and the joy of being utterly, unapologetically ourselves.


2 Brenda Lu

3 Melissa Cheng

5 Amy Chu

10 Priscilla Buteau (C) 12 Jennifer Chung

27 Rachel Wong (C)

32 Hope Jubenvill

54 Jasmynn Linford

99 Megan McCaffrey

Coach Maxime Cloutier

Coach Eu-Jin Loo

Coach Colin Bellingham





We bleed purple and white

Team Colours:

Years Together:

3 years of madness

Past Accomplishments:

  • Competing in the 2022 National Dodgeball Championships

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