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Baliistae is currently expecting manufacturing delays, therefore; an expected delivery date is yet to be determined. Pre-orders are still available. Always feel free to reach out to with any questions or an update on your order.


Kneepads are a staple in a dodgeball player's equipment repertoire. To play without any kind of knee protection is to invite career-ending death...for your knees.


There are many great kneepads out there, but many brands tailor their designs for more mainstream sports. Ballistae Kneepads were designed for dodgeball players. Our Ballistae Kneepads provide an ease of movement and level of protection that is a near-perfect balance for the player who slides and drops to one or both knees for that clutch catch.


Every pair of Ballistae kneepads comes with a breathable mesh bag to store your kneepads in. No more rummaging through your black hole of a bag looking for each kneepad!

Ballistae "V1" Dodgeball Kneepads

  • Component Breakdown:

    • Cotton: 41%
    • Rubber: 37%
    • Nylon: 22%
    • Dodgeball Love: 100%
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